Ask questions to solve problems


To build rapport with customers and clients, an inquisitive nature is best.

When you sense a hesitation or feeling of discomfort, don’t ignore it. Dig deeper without causing more angst.

Ask questions like:

  • Is there anything I should know about (this subject)?
  • Is there a way I can support you in this?
  • You show you are listening and give them permission to share with you exactly what’s going on.
  • Trust me, you want to know your customer’s thoughts and feelings.

Whether it directly relates to you or not, you can help solve their problems. And, solving their problems is the real goal.

Alissa Fricke
Alissa is a marketing strategist with experience creating marketing solutions for small business, corporations and community organizations. She opened Thrive in 2014 to help small business owners provide more, hire more and do more for their local economies.

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