Online Presence Assessment


If you’re not focused on a distinctive online presence, your competition will crush you.

By choosing to ignore it, you run the risk of severely damaging your reputation.

THRIVE Online Presence Assessment


I own my own website.

My website is an asset to my reputation.

I've claimed my Google+ business page.

My business has a social media presence and interacts with my customers, prospects and community online.

I maintain a blog with valuable content for my audience.

My business is listed on the big 3 search engines.

All my links, content and metadata are correct on my site and other business listings.

Google "Your business name." Is all that you see an asset to your reputation?

Google your industry followed by the city it’s located in. Take note of where your website is listed in the results. Is this helping your reputation?

I have customer reviews online. I know where they are listed, and I actively promote them.

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