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Case Study: Cooper Contracting


**Cooper Rail Service was founded in 1982, serving mostly railroad customers; but in 2007, the business grew considerably by broadening their service offerings to include governmental, agricultural and industrial customers. Cooper Rail Service specializes in bridge design and build, demolition, excavation, site work and crane work. This team has worked on some impressive projects across the Midwest region. They have 50+ years of combined experience in project design and management, and 75+ years of combined experience in heavy equipment operation.


Branding was on the minds of Cooper’s leadership team, but the company’s focus on customer service and growth left little time to create the plan. Using the name “Rail Service” meant they were missing out on many bidding opportunities for jobs that did not include rail work. The team recognized the opportunity for work they were missing out on if they did not improve their brand to accurately reflect the work they are capable of.

Business Card-Cooper


Over the course of several months, Thrive collaborated with the Cooper team to develop a new name, refreshed logo and branding, a newly designed website and online presence that was a better representation of the services offered and the company they had become since their significant growth trend in 2007. A new name Cooper Contracting and their modernized brand communicates their professionalism, efficiency and their contracting expertise serving many industries.


After the launch, the Cooper Contracting team immediately felt a stronger presence in the market. They are proud of their brand and how they are perceived by potential customers!

Now when you’re searching for Cooper Contracting or contracting work in the Huntingburg area, you’ll find an online presence that matches the quality of work from this highly-skilled 50 person team! And if you drive by one of their worksites, you’ll see a fleet of heavy equipment proudly printed with the Cooper Contracting logo.

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