How does Facebook decide who sees your posts?


Understanding your Facebook fan page algorithm  First of all, we don’t like to use the word “algorithm”. Some social media ‘experts’ use this word to confuse potential customers and to, well, sound smart. Heck yeah, we’re smart. But, we also want to make you smart by disseminating what we’ve learned. That said, the big online…

Bring value to your customers


What have you done for your clients/customers lately? Do they know? Maybe they need a reminder. Sometimes the best way to show value is to simply bring to front of mind what you have already done. Be in the habit of reiterating your value. Having your clients/customers tell you why you are valuable to them…

Make your digital content appealing


Content marketing is hot. And for good reason! By now we should all know that offering value-added content (and delivering on that offer!), is a necessity to attract new customers. But, with so much content out there being offered, how do you make yours the most attractive? Make it Flashy That’s just it; make it…

Customers can’t find me online


Google “your industry, your city, state”. Are you the first listing? If not, who is? Now look for your business. Where do you find yourself? Is it all content you’ve created, or are there credible sources talking about you? Do you have reviews and testimonials? Do you have images and videos? If the answer is…

ROI vs Relationship


ROI..Money, money money!! But how much are you willing to risk for that cash? Will you piss off one for a dollar from another? Building a brand with the right sales structure that attracts followers lies in the sweet-spot between direct ROI and customer Relationship. How do you achieve a great ROI? You need a…

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