3 Reasons Why You Haven’t Updated Your Google My Business Listing


If you’ve been in business for any time at all, you should have a Google listing called Google My Business, the business-oriented adaptation of Google+. This free marketing tool is one of the first things seen when someone searches for your business on Google, yet most small business owners have neglected to use this free…

4 Reasons Why Businesses Hire a Marketing Consultant


At some point, almost every small business owner is faced with the issue of outsourcing. While nearly any task can be subcontracted in some way, one of the most common areas we see is marketing. Business owners know everything about their business, and a lot about their customers, but they may not be experts in…

3 Tips to Own Your Accomplishments and Stop Feeling Like a Fraud


“If you’re feeling like a fraud, that’s when you’ve made it.” A good friend told me this recently. I’m not sure if it’s quite true, but I do believe that feeling like a fraud is not evidence of any missteps. It can happen a variety of ways. You’re waiting to get called into a meeting,…

Why your business needs an online presence


If someone can’t find anything about you online, they’ll quickly assume you’re not good enough to be talked about. Your business (and you, too) needs to have an online presence. In this day and age, you must have a website to appear genuine in the eyes of your potential customers. But, even your website itself…

Content Marketing for Your Small Business


Content marketing (have you heard this buzzword?) is a tool to attract and engage. The idea is that you provide valuable content (either free or gated) that is particularly valuable to the audience you’re looking to attract. When people see what you’re giving away for free, they’re bound to ask, “If this is free, how awesome is their stuff I can…

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