Are You Taking Time For Yourself? Here’s 4 Reasons Why You Should Be..


It’s hard to find the time to just sit back… relax… and clear your mind. As the days go by, the harder I find it is to effectively manage my time during the day, so I can have a little “me time.” Between current clients and prospective clients, volunteer activities, my family and friends and just about…

Quotes that Inspire Us


If something is successful over a long period of time, it is said to be thriving. That’s exactly what we aspire to achieve, and help our clients achieve. But, we know the importance of learning from people who are smarter than us. Here’s part one of our list of inspirational quotes that help us thrive…

Digital Marketing Internship – Evansville, IN


This is your opportunity to see what it’s like to get in front of clients and produce real marketing deliverables with incredible opportunity for your résumé and portfolio, plus receive one-on-one mentorship along the way. There’s no time for ‘busy work’ here. Much of the internship will be focused on digital marketing content management. On a…

Improve Your SEO With Our 3 Easy Tips


As a digital marketer, one of the first things I get asked by my clients is “how can we improve our online presence,” or “how can we be number one on google search?” The answer always comes down to SEO. Of course, there are TONS of consistent practices that factor into a truly efficient SEO…

Key Metrics and Next Steps for Google Analytics


  After publishing our recent Google Analytics blog, we received several questions about taking next steps. Now that you know the importance of using Google Analytics for your small business, you’re probably wondering how exactly you go about doing that. Before you take the next steps, though, it’s important that you know about some of…

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